Building a Computer

Let’s start with why. Why would you want to build a computer?

Do you need a computer?

Are you a gamer?

Do you do lots of filming/editing?

Does saving money appeal to you?

Do you want to know more about technology and feel more prepared to fix something when it inevitably goes wrong?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I strongly urge you to hear what I am about to say: Build it yourself!

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Battlefield 4, Good or Amazing ?

battlefield_4_china_rising-wideNow I am sure the title has already put some of you off. In which case you have probably already moved on and this sentence has rendered itself irrelevant.

But for those of you who have stayed, I am assuming that you are still here for the same reason that I am writing this: Because you enjoy playing video games. I do not know whether you are reading this because you enjoy the Battlefield series as much as I have (Over 300 hours on Battlefield 3… Shut up it was a good game) or simply because you are interested to hear what I have to say. 

Anyway, that’s enough introductions, onwards to the game.

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My game of the Year and Other Honourable Mentions Part 1

Game of the Year Part 1
This article has been plagued by disaster. First WordPress got angry and stopped autosaving for an hour then broke when I tried to save, causing me to have to rewrite a lot of great stuff, and then I had a mini powercut whilst painstakingly cutting away the background from Femshep.

This was a special year for me. It was the first one where I actually owned a computer that could run anything thrown at it. Until last Autumn my PC had always been abysmal where games were concerned, often failing to run things from three years before. These last 16 months have been different and I’ve played a great number of new releases this year. They didn’t all demand much from my PC though; there have been plenty of indie hits as well as Triple-A greats. There are also a number of things people have raved about that I haven’t played yet, and I’ll give those a mention as well. So now, in no particular order, some games that I liked this year followed by four I really, really liked and some I’d like to like.

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Will your child become an evil dictator?-Evidence shows that Adolf Hitler played violent video games

A photograph showing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler using an Xbox Kinect

Evidence has emerged suggesting that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany and the Nazi party during World War 2, was an avid player of violent video games which, suggests Daily Mail scientist and investigator Richard McMoron, led to his violent personality and likely drove him to commit genocide. Continue reading “Will your child become an evil dictator?-Evidence shows that Adolf Hitler played violent video games”

The Great Debate:Is PETA’s portrayal of Pokémon unfair?

That’s a pun not a typo on that sign there. Yeah, I didn’t see it until Will told me either. It’s great otherwise though. My thanks to Will for drawing this. I still think my version would have been better though, did you see how good that Pikachu I drew before was?

Following my recent article about the current status of the Pokémon games Will and I had a discussion (via Facebook, which is why we sometimes seem to be having two conversations at once) about my comments about their portrayal of animal violence and, more importantly, about PETA’s. The debate is copied and pasted (with some major spelling and capitalisation alterations) below for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading “The Great Debate:Is PETA’s portrayal of Pokémon unfair?”

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