My Game of the Year and Other Honourable Mentions Part 5

Game of the Year 5

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My game of the Year and Other Honourable Mentions Part 1

Game of the Year Part 1
This article has been plagued by disaster. First WordPress got angry and stopped autosaving for an hour then broke when I tried to save, causing me to have to rewrite a lot of great stuff, and then I had a mini powercut whilst painstakingly cutting away the background from Femshep.

This was a special year for me. It was the first one where I actually owned a computer that could run anything thrown at it. Until last Autumn my PC had always been abysmal where games were concerned, often failing to run things from three years before. These last 16 months have been different and I’ve played a great number of new releases this year. They didn’t all demand much from my PC though; there have been plenty of indie hits as well as Triple-A greats. There are also a number of things people have raved about that I haven’t played yet, and I’ll give those a mention as well. So now, in no particular order, some games that I liked this year followed by four I really, really liked and some I’d like to like.

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The Twinkies of Wrath-The Modern Day American Dream

As American confectionery company ‘Hostess’ faces financial troubles I am reminded of all the cultural significance of their most popular product, highlighted rather well here. U.S TV and film exposes us to a number of their exclusive products; I’ve long been intrigued by Taco Bell, Corn Dogs* and Captain Crunch. But it was the Twinkie that most captivated me, that cream-filled, tubular, golden cake that came up again and again. If the Ghostbusters, Peter Griffin, Woody Harrelson, Homer Simpson and the kid from the Iron Giant all recommend them how could they not be God’s greatest gift to man? Alas, false promises! Let me tell you my tragic story. Continue reading “The Twinkies of Wrath-The Modern Day American Dream”

A Pokémoan-A review and analysis of Pokémon’s current state of affairs

I did the most amazing drawing of a Charmander here but I accidentally saved over it, so I drew a Mankey instead.

I’m surprised that more people don’t hate Game Freak and Nintendo. Perhaps it’s because I come from the PC Gaming community where people are pretty outspoken, unlike the Nintendo community which tends to either love everything their overlords produce or suffer from a kind of retro elitism, stupidly insisting that games haven’t been good for decades. They do a lot of dastardly things to make money with Pokémon. Aside from all the side products, the show, the card game, this, they use devilishly cheeky tactics when it comes to their most significant product line, the video games. Continue reading “A Pokémoan-A review and analysis of Pokémon’s current state of affairs”

‘How I’ll overcome my own mortality’ or ‘I don’t advocate Technocracy but…’

I’m all set to be plugged into the hive mind

I don’t want to die. The prospect scares me. I’m an agnostic so I don’t have the faith in the possibility that there’ll be a pleasant afterlife for me that the devout religious folk get. Also I’m not certain if oblivion (which seems the most reasonable assumption for what occurs after brain death) is as good as existence. I need a way out, some way to preserve my being, my ‘soul’ if you like. Science may well have the answer with ‘Synergy’. I say that it may work, it’s difficult for me to back that claim up with evidence. The form of Synergy I’m thinking of is a very difficult thing to Google for. All manner of rubbish comes up, such as ‘spiritual synergy’, ‘team synergy in the workplace’ and a Synergy festival. Nearly everything is called synergy these days. Just yesterday I bought three puppies and named them all ‘synergy’. People would probably like the leader of the Nazi party more if his name was ‘Adolf Synergy’. Presumably people love it because it’s a pretty cool word and is to do with cooperation. People like cooperation. Continue reading “‘How I’ll overcome my own mortality’ or ‘I don’t advocate Technocracy but…’”

Video games are great, so leave us alone

I really do need to get some more pictures of myself if I’m going to keep doing these.

As I write my UCAS application I deliberate over what to put in the section about my hobbies. ‘Er…’ I think to myself. (What? You don’t think in phatic utterances?) “I probably enjoy reading more than the average College Student. The universities will probably like that.” I put it down. I also write in my spare time, and not just for this website, they’ll really like that. But then what? I know that there is something I spend a much greater proportion of my time on than both of these things, but I’m embarrassed to put it. Worried that it’ll make the universities think me lazy, anti-social and, worst of all, boring! I end the hobbies section there, neglecting to mention the pursuit that so dominates my free time, the one that, if lost, might leave my life a husk of inescapable boredom and drudgery. Gaming. Why do I shy away from mentioning it? Why hide something so integral to who I am, something that brings me (and many like me) so much joy on a daily basis? I should be standing on a cliff-edge, arms thrust into the air, shouting for all the world to hear. “I AM A GAMER!”. So why don’t I? Stigma. Continue reading “Video games are great, so leave us alone”

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