Tech addiction

With advancements everyday in the world of technology, it can be hard to see how better smartphones and tablets and video games could possibly be a bad thing. Interactive whiteboards in schools and online homework make education so much simpler while the tiny computers in our pockets make communication across the globe the norm. Fifty years ago such things were a vague dream up there with flying cars and commercial space travel, but now it can be hard to escape the wide reach of technology. We are – quite literally – living the dream. Continue reading “Tech addiction”


Olympic and Paralympic sports to learn of funding decision for Tokyo 2020

A record £347m was made available for the last four-year cycle, with Paralympic sports receiving a 43% rise
Sports minister Tracey Crouch has written to parliament to say any “uncertainty” around future funding amid a decline in the number of National Lottery players, players will be offset by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
The body has said its decisions are not based solely on past performances, rather realistic medal opportunities in Tokyo, however rowing was rewarded for a successful London 2012 with the highest funding from the last cycle at £32.6m.
But despite winning three golds and two silver medals, rowing fell one short of its minimum medal target of six for Rio 2016.
Sporting governing bodies have also been warned by UK Sport and Sport England they must bring in more women or lose public funding
Under the new ‘Code for Sports Governance’ it sets out a target of at least 30% gender diversity on boards.
The new code applies to governing bodies who ask for UK government and National Lottery funding from April 2017.
By Chloe Pitman

A book before bed

Paris, the love capital of the world hosts some of the most iconic buildings and architecture, the Eiffel tower being what springs to mind first, and then you may think of the great cathedral of Notre Dame, made famous by the book ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ by Victor Hugo. The gardens that surround it are filled with young aspiring musicians singing about their tales of love, to couples holding each other in their arms. Paris definitely was where George Whitman found love as he set up a small gem that is hidden from many tourists under the shadow of the Notre Dame, the famous book shop: Shakespeare and Company.

When you visit Paris or pick up a guide book one of the things you don’t look for or expect to find is a bookshop that you can sleep in. Whilst this may be common knowledge in the literary world it is not necessarily on the itinerary of the regular tourist. Huge pity because this looks like an absolute must for all those who spend hours losing themselves in bookshops.

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Not Dead Yet

With the recent release of David Attenborough’s new series ‘Planet Earth 2’, attention has once again turned towards the environment and how we can preserve it. For years we’ve been warned about the dangers our present lifestyles are posing to the rainforests, oceans, bees and/or polar bears. Everything we do seems to hurt some part of the natural world, so much so that some are even wondering if global warming even exists, but with a new report saying global wildlife populations have dropped by 58% since 1970, it seems like the warnings weren’t unfounded.

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