5 Biggest Stories of the Week

A completely *you know who* and *you know what* free set of stories – you’re welcome.

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Not Dead Yet

With the recent release of David Attenborough’s new series ‘Planet Earth 2’, attention has once again turned towards the environment and how we can preserve it. For years we’ve been warned about the dangers our present lifestyles are posing to the rainforests, oceans, bees and/or polar bears. Everything we do seems to hurt some part of the natural world, so much so that some are even wondering if global warming even exists, but with a new report saying global wildlife populations have dropped by 58% since 1970, it seems like the warnings weren’t unfounded.

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Fracking in the UK

Recently it’s been hard to turn without seeing someone protesting for or against fracking. But is it the solution to our country’s foreign oil dependence as the government claims? If fracking is the miracle we need to cope with rapidly increasing energy demands, why are so many environmental campaigners dead set against it? Continue reading

The Migrant Crisis – A First-Hand Experience

As college students in England, it can be easy to feel distanced from the migrant crisis. My friend Kai, however, has shown that this need not be the case, and by delivering aid parcels with his mother in Calais, has proven how much difference individuals can make. Interested in his first-hand experience of this global issue, I conducted an interview with Kai, and his responses are presented below.12167184_1195731030443965_1855850236_n (1)

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Yes Scotland

The Case for Scottish independence

From the outset of the referendum campaign two years ago the case for independence has been based on ideology as much as political matters. People’s heritage has been as influential in their choice as the economic and social policies an independent Scotland would have. In this piece I aim to examine both ideological and political arguments and the influence of individuals in the Scottish independence debate.

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“The most distant place imaginable”

Timbuktu. A place only talked about in stories; a figure of speech. Yet, suddenly it is talked about on the news, in serious discussions. But overseas conflict is one of those things we never seem to get. They are the items that appear towards the middle of the news, after the headlines but before the feel good stories, just when we are not paying attention. They talk of conflict and loss of life yet for some reason, the information never really penetrates. It takes a mass hostage situation, like that in Algeria, to pinch us awake. Headline News. Once again it comes down to the fact that we don’t know enough about it. I don’t know about you, but my knowledge of historical African politics is severely lacking.

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“Discovering the humanity that lies behind slogans and barriers”

It’s constantly on the news. It’s buzz words are firmly rooted in our heads: Palestine, Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Refugees, Militants…. We see images of it everyday; grainy stills of mortar acts, buildings turned to rubble, tiny bodies shrouded in a flag that they were too young to know as their own. Yet, as a nation, the topic hardly graces our lips. Why? Perhaps it is because it’s so far away or because it doesn’t have a big enough impact on our lives. Maybe, we just don’t know enough about it.  Continue reading

Who Has The First Word?

Ok I have to admit; I am what most young adults might describe as technically backwards. My tool of communication is a Nokia “brick” mobile, I do not have a Twitter/YouTube account and I rarely update my Facebook. In the eyes of many this severely limits my ability to communicate and technology-pros might even dub me as a social recluse when it comes to the plethora of ways to communicate virtually. Perhaps I am a travesty to the social media revolution, but call me old fashioned I would rather talk to someone in person than be locked behind a screen, unable to physically express emotion.

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Politics, Change and spandex dresses

The wonderful world of US presidential elections.

The hype of American elections is so gargantuan that it draws us in time after time. It is important. As we have seen in previous years the decision of our Atlantic neighbours has  a huge impact on the direction of world politics. With two main candidates with generally polarised views, the choice of one year’s voters means the difference between, (in the case of George .W. Bush and Al Gore) going to war for questionable reason or bring climate change to the forefront far sooner. You can see why everyone and their granny want a piece of the American election, from popstars to million dollar TV advertising campaigns. Continue reading