Tech addiction

With advancements everyday in the world of technology, it can be hard to see how better smartphones and tablets and video games could possibly be a bad thing. Interactive whiteboards in schools and online homework make education so much simpler while the tiny computers in our pockets make communication across the globe the norm. Fifty years ago such things were a vague dream up there with flying cars and commercial space travel, but now it can be hard to escape the wide reach of technology. We are – quite literally – living the dream. Continue reading

5 Biggest Stories of the Week

Every Monday we’ll be taking a look at the previous weeks news. Find out what you’ve missed in entertainment, politics, sport and more.

This week, we take a look at Bake Off moving to Channel 4, the Paralympics, Hinkley Point, new grammar schools and constituency boundary changes.

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Being an audience member for ‘Catchphrase’

Watching TV while sat on the sofa is something that almost everybody in the UK has experienced, however far less people have actually been to a television studio to watch their favourite show being filmed. So what exactly is it like being a studio audience member on a programme?


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