Challenge our poet!

Our resident poet Molly says that she can write a poem about anything! In the past she has written about ice, love, Tory MP Nadine Dorris and sellotape.

Well, we want to put her to the test.

Send us your suggestions for themes and topics Molly can write about and your suggestion may get picked for her next piece.


Calling all artists, graphic designers and creatives! Logo Design Competition

We’re looking for someone to design a ‘header’ image to appear at the top of our new Strode Ledger website.

We need an attention-grabbing header image designed by YOU! It needs to appeal to our target readership of Strode College Students. Your work will be judged by our team of writers and if chosen it will be able to be seen by anyone around the world who visits our site. Continue reading “Calling all artists, graphic designers and creatives! Logo Design Competition”

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