Richard III’s horse found buried beneath McDonald’s burger

Richard III Burger

Hostilities arose yesterday between the Food Standards Agency and the Time Team team over what should become of a McDonald’s Big Mac thought to contain traces of horse meat. Evidence suggests that this horse belonged to the late Richard III, who was recently found in a nearby car park. Richard the Third was a fifteenth century king made famous by his starring role in the Stephen Shakelsperg play of the same name. Historians presume he ended up in the car park after a drunken binge gone horribly wrong. Continue reading


Will your child become an evil dictator?-Evidence shows that Adolf Hitler played violent video games

A photograph showing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler using an Xbox Kinect

Evidence has emerged suggesting that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany and the Nazi party during World War 2, was an avid player of violent video games which, suggests Daily Mail scientist and investigator Richard McMoron, led to his violent personality and likely drove him to commit genocide. Continue reading

Democrats win US election-Republican party begin growing new presidential candidate

Warning: This News Smash article contains high levels of satire. Please do not read if you have an irony deficiency.

The new candidate is being grown with a number of features that will help to earn the favour of new voters as well as all the Republican mainstays.

On Tuesday the 6th of November Barrack Obama defeated Mitt Romney and secured himself another four years of stress, abuse and potential assassination.

Many are saying that the Republicans lost because they failed to gain the ‘essential Hispanic vote’. They’re not giving up yet though, they have a plan to earn favour from the minorities that previously couldn’t get past the inherent intense prejudice and hate that tends to emanate from the party. Continue reading

Nick Clegg apologises for apologising

(Above) Clegg’s appearance in the video was very casual

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today posted a verbal apology on his Youtube channel (‘xxSniperCleggxx’) apologising for his verbal apology made last week, saying “We [The Liberal Democrats] should not have made an apology we did not intend to mean.”

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