5 Biggest Stories of the Week

In this week’s news, envelopegate at the Oscars, mouse tries to catch a holiday to America and more!

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Should I Just Watch the Movie?: ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens

A commonly held opinion is that reading the book is always the more intellectually beneficial option when in comparison with passively absorbing the film adaptation. Reading is in essence the pursuit of knowledge exercising the human mind, whereas watching is thought to remove any need for brain activity altogether, since the worlds are already created for us, rather than in our imaginations. What this initial observation does not take into account however is the quality of the moving picture and to what extent it adheres to the basic plot or message of the book. When looking at classic, canonical texts such as the work of Dickens, the common perception is that ‘just watching the movie’ is an act of blasphemy disregarding the timeless workmanship of such geniuses as Charlie D. In the case of Great Expectations at least, I beg to differ. Great Expectations has been adapted on to the big screen again and again but the film I am referring to at large is Mike Newell’s 2012 adaptation for the BBC starring such big names as Helena Bonham-Carter, Robbie Coltrane, and Ralph Fiennes (all of whom coincidentally take up a large proportion of the Harry Potter cast list).

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‘The Riot Club’ Review – spoiler free!

After a summer of big American blockbusters, it’s a nice change to see some smaller, British films being released at the cinema recently. There’s the comedy-drama Pride, which won at the Cannes Film Festival, and of course the box-office-smashing Inbetweeners Movie 2. I opted to watch The Riot Club, an adaptation of Laura Wade’s play Posh.

The film is about the titular and fictitious – although allegedly based on the ‘Bullingdon Club’, of which David Cameron and Boris Johnson were former members of – ‘Riot Club’, a group of ten posh Oxford students who engage in heavy drinking and criminal damage. This most often leads to, as one of the main characters puts it, a “chunderstorm”.



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Film review – Non-Stop

I had the pleasure of going to Liam Neeson’s new blockbuster ‘Non-stop’ a few weekends ago and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, it’s one of those Liam Neeson action movies and it probably was quite similar to Taken and its sequels but for me it was quite a different experience. I don’t usually see these high action movies but after seeing this one I will. I’d personally give this film 3/5 stars. (Spoiler Alert!)
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