Stop that rubbish!

As part of Strode College’s One World Week focus on reducing plastic pollution, I took a walk through Street to see what plastic litter there was. Have a look at the slideshow below to see what I found.

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For more information on the harm that plastic does to our environment and tips on how to reduce your use of it, go to 


From Somerset to Berlin

Last month, Strode College Film Studies students flew out to Berlin. I spoke to one of those students, Shannon Bridge, on her highlights of the week.

“The tour of the Reichstag Building was great because you got to see all the interesting sights in Berlin just from the roof. It was also interesting to learn about the history.” she said.

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The Day Nick Clegg Came to Strode


Despite only being announced in the morning, Strode College’s student learning centre was crammed full with almost a hundred people waiting to see someone. But who? A global superstar like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga? No; all of the buzz was being created over Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister was visiting Strode no doubt with a mission to try and get young people to vote for the Liberal Democrats, something which could be hard to do as our demographic is notorious when it comes to voting.

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Strode Students Rock for Red Nose Day

10614112_809625575768800_3500561807142528950_nComic Relief 2015 raised over £78 million – its highest ever total for Red Nose Day – and Strode College students were doing their bit through selling red noses, cake and biscuit decorating and fancy dress.

The college was also represented at local event ‘Rock for Red Nose Day’ which not only featured local bands such as Mr Keep Calm and the Cancelled Cheques, but also bands formed at Strode such as Missart and Karma Llama.

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The Best Town That A Strode College Student Lives In

What’s the best town that a Strode College student lives in? Strode may be Street’s only college, but most of it’s students don’t actually live in the village. Instead, people get buses and lifts in from all four corners of Somerset, so I’ve decided to compare all of the different towns and villages that people come from.

In the least competitive way possible – despite there being local pride at stake – I’ve devised five categories and asked five different students (including myself) to try and find out what each place is like. Those categories are: how long it takes to get from their hometown to Strode, the best thing about their hometown, the worst thing about their hometown, what their hometown is famous for and what there is to do in their hometown if you had three hours to kill and no money.

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Freshers’ Fear

The first week of college was a chaotic conglomerate of confusion, nerves and awkwardness. On the first day, the buses regurgitated their student stomachs out onto the layby whilst teachers emerged from the burrows of the buildings to meet, greet and look neat. As hundreds of shoes shuffled into Strode, an inexplicable fog of fear descended, and us Freshers found ourselves grimacing at people, having lost the ability to smile normally and make simple introductions. Continue reading “Freshers’ Fear”

‘Little Clips’ is a Big Hit!

little clips filming

I recently caught up with Strode student Liam Gummer to ask him some questions about his popular film making company Little Clips.

Little Clips have made all sorts of films, starting off with short action videos before moving onto promotional videos for small businesses and charities.

When I asked him exactly how popular it was, he was able to give me the facts and figures off the top of his head.  “I checked the other day and it was around 12,000 channel views, 168 subscribers and 400 likes on Facebook.

That’s not bad for a project that started off fairly insubstantially. He says “It started off with me and Charlie (a friend) with a webcam making news videos.”

It quickly became a hobby that took up not only his time but also a lot of his money. When I asked him exactly how much he has spent he just smiled and said “Way too much”. But I eventually managed to persuade him to give me some figures and he reluctantly told me that it’s probably in excess of £1000.

“The camera body was £600, and I’ve spent around £300 on lenses. We find everything on ebay so we probably get it for about a third of the normal price” he says trying to justify the massive costs “But I had to spend three years sticking up skittle pins to pay for it”.

He’s happy to move swiftly on and we start talking about some of the best videos he’s filmed. “The most fun to do was probably a parkour video in Bristol, we got to meet some cool people” and when I ask him about Little Clip’s most popular video he says “The biggest video was a skate park video. We’ve done two and we might do another in a couple of years. They weren’t that good though”.

Liam is, predictably, taking Broadcast Media at Strode, but in terms of the future of Little Clips he seems less sure. “We want to keep out options wide open. We have some big projects coming up and we’ve just filmed a new Avon & Somerset police video which will have a premiere at Yeovil Cinema”. He’s almost as good at plugging as he is at filmmaking.

You can visit Little Clips’ YouTube channel here:, or follow them on twitter here:

Challenge our poet!

Our resident poet Molly says that she can write a poem about anything! In the past she has written about ice, love, Tory MP Nadine Dorris and sellotape.

Well, we want to put her to the test.

Send us your suggestions for themes and topics Molly can write about and your suggestion may get picked for her next piece.

Calling all artists, graphic designers and creatives! Logo Design Competition

We’re looking for someone to design a ‘header’ image to appear at the top of our new Strode Ledger website.

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