Battlefield 4, Good or Amazing ?

battlefield_4_china_rising-wideNow I am sure the title has already put some of you off. In which case you have probably already moved on and this sentence has rendered itself irrelevant.

But for those of you who have stayed, I am assuming that you are still here for the same reason that I am writing this: Because you enjoy playing video games. I do not know whether you are reading this because you enjoy the Battlefield series as much as I have (Over 300 hours on Battlefield 3… Shut up it was a good game) or simply because you are interested to hear what I have to say. 

Anyway, that’s enough introductions, onwards to the game.

What makes this game so brilliant to me?

I am aware that the game hasn’t been released yet, and still has until the end of the month until it is fully available. But I have already put about 12 hours into the beta and so far it is far better than I previously thought it would be. Admittedly it has its flaws: the spawns can get messed up, there are often glitches in render distance and objects and other players don’t load, the controls are hard to get used to for new players, it has taken a more simplistic approach than previous titles etc…

But some of these, such as the Spawns, rendering and objects not loading are beta glitches and are the reason that there is a beta in the first place. Hopefully these will be ironed out before launch to make the game that much better than it already is.

The controls (I have been told by friends who are new to the series) are hard to get used to and take a while to adjust from other Fps’s such as Call of Duty or Halo. I myself had a difficult first 20 minutes pressing Right bumper to knife and spotting people instead, hitting select to spot people and open the score board and being faced with some “Compete with your friends” bull-crap that I did not want and crashing 2 little birds as the controls seemed too foreign to me. I am sure that if I stuck with them I would have gotten the hang of it eventually but I gave up and switched the controls to that of the old game. Now I find them perfectly fine and once you get into the swing of things the subtle changes begin to make a lot more sense.

The simplistic approach is not something that would make sense from looking at it; it is very confusing to a new player and seems very complicated. But if I look back to BF2, BFBC2 and BF3, I can see a pattern emerging where the games seem to be trying to attract more players by making them simpler. There are fewer class varieties than BF2 and BFBC2 and they have made it so that you can build pretty much what class you want, this means that the specific roles that made previous titles are much less defined and as many players are more used to the call of duty style “Lone Wolf” style of gameplay, unless you play with friends it is often hard to get your squad to play to their strengths and work as an actual squad. Also Game modes such as domination are another example of this. The maps are tiny, the game is fast paced and the objective is really just a big massacre in the middle. This is what I would describe as a typical call of duty game-mode where the main goal is to camp and pick off people while getting frustrated when you are killed by a noob-tuber while only 2 away from a nuke. But I do think that Dice has done this mode really well and there is no feeling of camping as everyone is running around in a manic frenzy. It is very fun and although it feels less realistic, the fast paced CQB nature really makes for a fun 10 minute game when you get tired of running from one side of the map to the other only to get sniped from the place where you just where. Also it can be good for levelling as getting 25-30 kills with a few assists and flag captures is only just shy of the points from a larger and longer conquest game where it is usually between 10-20 kills with fewer flag caps over 30 minutes instead of 10.


What is different from the last one?

I will admit that the graphics are the same (Although 2 years later BF3 is still beautiful) but when the next generation consoles come out it will be improved graphically and numerically in players once again. Although hearing from PC players it still looks better than the last one.

As I said earlier the controls have changed (not for PC) as the spotting button, the knife and the zoom features have been mapped to different buttons. But for me this makes it a lot better as the knifing is a lot smoother and the fun of counter-knifing someone when they charge you is pure joy.

And probably the main change is the new concept of “Levolution”. Once you get past how crappy a pun the name is, it is actually pretty good. The feeling you get when the enemy team is annihilating you and casually you waltz up and collapse the central skyscraper sending debris flying and killing any of the inhabitants who did not escape is really fun. And then the fog comes in and makes sniping that much more difficult and flying a lot more dangerous. Only to go on and win the game by a few tickets as the enemy could not gain bravo back.


So in summary I think that despite it only being a beta it is far better than I expected and I very much look forward to playing the full game, whether it will maintain its high standard or disappoint later on, only time will tell.

I look forward to playing against you… and I will see you over on the battlefield!        


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