The results…

Voting Week is over! We had over 100 votes, rating each idea from -2 to +2, and are ready to release the results. We’ve added up all the points to give a final figure. I’m excited to share them with you:

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Have your say in Change it! Ideas Week now!

Ideas Sqaure

It’s time! This week (20-24 November) is Change it! Ideas Week, where you can suggest any improvements or new ideas you have about college. It can be anything, from sorting out a squeaky door to wanting a new food item for sale in the refectory. If you have something to suggest that will improve Strode College, make your voice heard! You have until Friday at 23:59, so make your suggestion now! All you have to do is visit and fill out the 30-second form. Simple!

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Welcome to the SCSA 2017-2018

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I’m Max Doughty, the President of the SCSA (Strode College Students’ Association) for 2017-2018. The SCSA is a student-led organisation that represents you, the students! We listen to ideas and work with staff to try and make them happen. We hold events and fundraise for our chosen charities. We represent you at NUS (the National Union of Students) conferences. We make your time at Strode College better.

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