Tech addiction

With advancements everyday in the world of technology, it can be hard to see how better smartphones and tablets and video games could possibly be a bad thing. Interactive whiteboards in schools and online homework make education so much simpler while the tiny computers in our pockets make communication across the globe the norm. Fifty years ago such things were a vague dream up there with flying cars and commercial space travel, but now it can be hard to escape the wide reach of technology. We are – quite literally – living the dream. Continue reading “Tech addiction”


Will your child become an evil dictator?-Evidence shows that Adolf Hitler played violent video games

A photograph showing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler using an Xbox Kinect

Evidence has emerged suggesting that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany and the Nazi party during World War 2, was an avid player of violent video games which, suggests Daily Mail scientist and investigator Richard McMoron, led to his violent personality and likely drove him to commit genocide. Continue reading “Will your child become an evil dictator?-Evidence shows that Adolf Hitler played violent video games”

Who Has The First Word?

Ok I have to admit; I am what most young adults might describe as technically backwards. My tool of communication is a Nokia “brick” mobile, I do not have a Twitter/YouTube account and I rarely update my Facebook. In the eyes of many this severely limits my ability to communicate and technology-pros might even dub me as a social recluse when it comes to the plethora of ways to communicate virtually. Perhaps I am a travesty to the social media revolution, but call me old fashioned I would rather talk to someone in person than be locked behind a screen, unable to physically express emotion.

On the other hand, perhaps there are significant disadvantages of being stuck in my archaic, pre 3G (now even 4G) world? Continue reading “Who Has The First Word?”

‘How I’ll overcome my own mortality’ or ‘I don’t advocate Technocracy but…’

I’m all set to be plugged into the hive mind

I don’t want to die. The prospect scares me. I’m an agnostic so I don’t have the faith in the possibility that there’ll be a pleasant afterlife for me that the devout religious folk get. Also I’m not certain if oblivion (which seems the most reasonable assumption for what occurs after brain death) is as good as existence. I need a way out, some way to preserve my being, my ‘soul’ if you like. Science may well have the answer with ‘Synergy’. I say that it may work, it’s difficult for me to back that claim up with evidence. The form of Synergy I’m thinking of is a very difficult thing to Google for. All manner of rubbish comes up, such as ‘spiritual synergy’, ‘team synergy in the workplace’ and a Synergy festival. Nearly everything is called synergy these days. Just yesterday I bought three puppies and named them all ‘synergy’. People would probably like the leader of the Nazi party more if his name was ‘Adolf Synergy’. Presumably people love it because it’s a pretty cool word and is to do with cooperation. People like cooperation. Continue reading “‘How I’ll overcome my own mortality’ or ‘I don’t advocate Technocracy but…’”

Facebook – My Virtual Reality

Before you read on, I just want to explain that the opinions I express in this article, are my own and are drawn from personal experiences. I’m going to discuss social networking sites, most predominantly, Facebook.

Let’s begin by investigating the dangers of these sites. We have all had the lecture on being safe whilst using the internet, after Bebo became popular. We were warned of peadophiles lurking around the web and were told horror stories of young girls meeting up with strangers online. Of course as we get older, we tend to be much more sensible about the things we expose on the internet. However, it is easy to recklessly post personal information on profiles, no matter how many privacy settings you have on.

Amazingly, although it has been drummed into us to not talk to strangers from an early age, a survey of 2000 Britons show that two thirds accept people they don’t know as friends on sites such as Facebook.

Although safety on the internet is a priority, I feel that it is not the only issue I have with social networking sites. Here is a light hearted look at its other problems

Continue reading “Facebook – My Virtual Reality”

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