Building a Computer

Let’s start with why. Why would you want to build a computer?

Do you need a computer?

Are you a gamer?

Do you do lots of filming/editing?

Does saving money appeal to you?

Do you want to know more about technology and feel more prepared to fix something when it inevitably goes wrong?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I strongly urge you to hear what I am about to say: Build it yourself!

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Rocksmith-Is It any good?


I will start this article by stating that I have only just started playing and that these are my impressions after only 8 days, I am undertaking the 60 day challenge where I shall play guitar for an hour a day for 60 days in an effort to not suck at playing guitar so much. Continue reading “Rocksmith-Is It any good?”



Isn’t it lovely?

Two people expressing their eternal love for each other in front of their family and friends, everyone dresses up and it’s the happiest day of their lives, then they have a massive party with the attendees and later go on a holiday of a lifetime with just them, where they can finally be alone in the first time in a while with their new spouse and finally live the rest of their lives in pure bliss with the love of their life by their sides to support and cherish them.

Well that sounds very splendid indeed, and if all marriage was like that then I would not be writing this article, but unfortunately it’s not.

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ironic stoneThis post is about Irony, It is unironic which in itself is quite ironic considering the title of the post. It is as if Iron man had gone to the Iron factory to fix his suit only to find out that his suit was not made of Iron at all. but in fact made of steel. Causing him either to be a liar or to be ironic(which would be ironic in itself as his suit is made of steel) Continue reading “Irony”

Battlefield 4, Good or Amazing ?

battlefield_4_china_rising-wideNow I am sure the title has already put some of you off. In which case you have probably already moved on and this sentence has rendered itself irrelevant.

But for those of you who have stayed, I am assuming that you are still here for the same reason that I am writing this: Because you enjoy playing video games. I do not know whether you are reading this because you enjoy the Battlefield series as much as I have (Over 300 hours on Battlefield 3… Shut up it was a good game) or simply because you are interested to hear what I have to say. 

Anyway, that’s enough introductions, onwards to the game.

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The College Newspaper, Why ?

NewspaperWhy? It is a good question. Why would I write things on the internet for people to criticise and scrutinise? I am not the best at writing and my grammar is often lacking, my documenting skills are likened to that of a dead sheep who was never very good at documenting in the first place. My humour can be very dry, hard to get and often revolves around bad puns that have little relevance to the story and are purely for my enjoyment. I often drift off on a pointless tangent for no reason as I get easily distracted.

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