5 Biggest Stories of the Week

This week, the UK’s broadband infrastructure could improve, rodents found in Asda depot, that infamous BBC News interview and more!

1. Change for internet infrastructure

BT will now legally separate from Openreach, the organisation that operate the UK’s broadband infrastructure. Ofcom and ISPs such as TalkTalk and Sky have been demanding change for a while, arguing that Openreach has been favouring BT. Rivals such as Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone all use Openreach’s network. They have had to put up with, they say, high charges, poor service and failure to invest in new future-proof broadband technology. Hopefully, this means that full fibre broadband will be rolled out across the UK at a much faster rate.

2. Dead mice in Asda not so smart

The supermarket giant has been fine £300,000 after flies and dead mice were found at their home delivery depot in Enfield, north London. Inspectors from the council also found mouse droppings and a packet of sugar that had been chewed on by rodents. Asda admitted to three food safety and hygiene breaches, and also had to pay £4,843 in costs. A spokesperson said that “we would like to reassure all our customers that immediate steps were taken as soon as the issue was flagged”.

3. BBC News interview interruption goes viral

An interviewee’s children gate-crashed a live television interview, that was supposed to be about South Korea’s president being forced out of office. Robert E Kelley, a professor of political science, Skyped in from Busan in South Korea, when his children burst into the room, followed by his wife chasing after them. The clip has since gone viral after being shared around online.

4. Most Eurovision songs in

After a busy weekend of national finals, all Eurovision songs and artists have been confirmed. Sweden, often a favourite when it comes to Eurovison, held their national final on Saturday, where Robin Bengtsson won with “I Can’t Go On”. The UK will be represented by Lucie Jones, who will perform “Never Give Up On You” in the grand final in Kyiv, Ukraine. The semi-finals will take place on 9th and 11th May, with the final happening on 13th May.

5. Car crashes onto house roof

Yes – that’s right! A car crashed *onto* a house! In Taizhou, a town in eastern China, a car skidded off the road and ended up on the roof of a house. The driver climbed out of the vehicle using a ladder, and said that he was trying to avoid a collision, accidentally stepping on the accelerator instead of the breaks. The car was removed by crane.

Check back next time to be kept up to date with what’s going on in the world!


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