5 Biggest Stories of the Week

Not just news on Trump and Brexit – promise! This week’s news also includes Eurovision and Prison suicides.

1. UK Eurovision entry chosen

Lucie Jones, former X Factor contestant, has been chosen to represent the UK at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. She performed “Never Give Up On You” on Friday, where five other performers battled it out to represent the UK. A public online and phone-in vote was combined with the opinion of an expert jury to decide that Jones should perform at the Eurovision final on 13th May.

2. Government loses Brexit appeal

The Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the government can initiate Article 50. The result means Theresa May cannot start talks with the EU until a vote is held in Parliament, and MPs vote to go through with Brexit. Gina Miller, one of the main campaigners who brought the case against the government, said “This is a victory for democracy and the rule of law. We should all welcome it.”.

3. Prison suicides at record level in England and Wales

2016 had the highest number of suicides in English and Welsh prisons. The Ministry of Justice released the figures of 119 suicides, 29 more than 2015, and 37,785 self-harm incidents. Liz Truss, Justice Secretary, said the government was investing an extra £100m into prisons and hiring 2500 more officers.

4. Theresa May holds talks with US President

Prime Minister Theresa May has held talks with Donald Trump at the White House. She was the first foreign leader to visit the US since Trump became president. It is speculated that they spoke about US and UK ties, as well as trade and foreign affairs, which will be needed after Brexit. May said that she wanted “renew the special relationship” the US and UK had.

5. Trump

In just this week, President Trump has done a lot. He said that torture “absolutely works”. He has halted all refugee admissions and temporarily barred people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. A petition has been setup to stop Donald Trump from coming to the UK on a state visit. Protests have been taking place across the world against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’.

Make sure you check back next week to find out what Trump does next, amongst other news!


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