5 Biggest Stories of the Week

So… Trump is actually president, 2016 was the hottest year on record, PM lays out Brexit plan and more.

1. Donald Trump is now officially President of the United States

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. During the inauguration, which took place on the steps of the Capital, Trump took over the role from Barack Obama. In his speech, President Trump said that he would end “American carnage” and give more power to ordinary people. He also used his iconic phrase – that he would “Make America great again”.

2. Global protests against Trump

Only 21st January, over 5 million people joined in with the “Women’s march” against President Trump. The rally’s aim is to highlight women’s rights, which they believe are under threat based on Trump’s history, which includes joking about sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations. Many celebrities and politicians around the world took part in the marches and gave support for the activists online.

3. 2016 probably hottest year

Both NASA and the UK Met Office have data which shows that temperatures were around 0.07°C higher in 2016 than in 2015. NASA said that 2016 is the third year in a row to break the record. The temperature rise has been mostly blamed on global warming and the greenhouse effect. Researchers have explained that it is unlikely for 2017 to continue the record, but that it will still be among the top five hottest years.

4. May lays out Brexit plan

PM, Theresa May, has laid out her 12-point plan for Britain’s exit of the EU in a speech. Major points include: certainty about Brexit, control of laws, strengthen UK’s unions, maintain Common Travel Area with Ireland, control immigration, protect EU nationals in UK and Brits in EU, protect workers’ rights, free trade agreement with EU, create trade agreements witer countries, ensure the UK is the best place for science and innovation, cooperate with others in the fight against crime and terrorism and the promise of a smooth, orderly Brexit. Article 50 is set to be invoked by the end of March.

5. Northern Ireland elections to be help on 2nd March

A new Assembly will be elected after the current executive’s negotiations about the Renewable Heat Incentive failed. Martin McGuiness resigned as deputy first minister after Arlene Foster refused to stand aside whilst investigations were taking place into the Renewable Heat Incentive. Because they held a joint office, Mr McGuinness’ resignation automatically put Foster out of her job. McGuiness’ resignation triggered a seven-day period where, if a deal was not reached, an election would be called. The snap election will take place on Thursday 2nd March 2017.

Be sure to check back next time to make sure that you are kept in the know!


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