5 Biggest Stories of the Week

This week, Trump’s speech, more Brexit news (sorry) and Stonehenge’s congestion solution!

1. Trump makes accusations in speech

Donald Trump, the US’s president-elect, has accused US intelligence agencies of leaking “fake news” that Russia has compromising material on him. Trump said that “it’s all fake news, it’s phoney stuff, it didn’t happen”. The president-elect is referring to allegations that he worked with Russia to win the election, and that Russia had private videos to use against him, should they have needed to.

2. Lord Snowdon dies

Princess Margaret’s former husband, Lord Snowdon, has dies aged 86. His picture agency, Camera Press, said that he dies peacefully at his home. He was known for his photography and film making. Throughout his life, he maintained close links with the Royal Family. Buckingham Palace said the Queen had been informed.

3. UK to change economic model if closed off from single market

Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, has said that the UK may be forced to change its economic model after Brexit, and that the government would “do whatever we have to do” to remain competitive. He said that “if Britain were to leave the European Union without an agreement on market access, then we could suffer from economic damage”.

4. Swansea’s tidal lagoon backed by government-commissioned review

Charles Hendry’s independent report said the £1.3billion project would strongly contribute to the UK’s energy supply. Mr Hendry said that it would offer “significant economic opportunity” for Wales and the UK. Before the project can go ahead, the government needs to agree on a deal. There are hopes that a network of the energy-harnessing lagoons can be developed around the UK’s coastline.

5. Stonehenge tunnel plans finalised at last

The government has finalised plans to build a road tunnel and dual the A303. A 1.8-mile tunnel will be built underground and around Stonehenge to make the surroundings of the world heritage site look more attractive. The tunnel is part of an effort to dual the A303 and ease traffic congestion. Jim O’Sullivan, form Highways England, said that the plans “will bring real benefit to the region and local communities”. A public consultation will run until 5th March.

Check back next week to be kept in the know. Look out for Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday!


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