5 Biggest Stories of the Week

Welcome back! A new term and a new year… along with some new news? This week, garden villages revealed, UK EU ambassador resigns, hate crime live-streamed and more!

1. Happy New(s) Year!

Welcome to 2017, and the first Strode Ledger article of this year. Everyone at Strode Ledger hopes that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are confident that 2017 will be filled with more exiting, positive and happy news.

2. Garden Villages Revealed

The government has proposed England’s first 14 garden villages. They will be located across the country and plan to provide a total of 48,000 homes. The proposition for the developments is that they will be their own new places with community facilities such as schools and GPs. Somerset has been announced as one of the locations for a new garden town.

3. UK’s EU Ambassador Resigns

Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK’s ambassador to the EU, has resigned early so that a successor can be in place before negotiations start. He stepped down on Tuesday, criticising the government’s “muddled thinking” about Brexit. Sir Ivan Rogers had been expected to play a key role in Brexit negotiations and was due to leave his post in October.

4. Four charged with live streaming hate crime

Four black people are being charged with hate crime, kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with some deadly weapon offences after torturing a mentally disabled white man. Jordan Hill, Brittany Covington, Tesafaye Cooper and Tanishia Covington aired the hateful act on Facebook Live whilst making hateful statements against white people and Donald Trump.

5. US says Putin helped Trump win

A US Intelligence Report says that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, helped Donal Trump win the US presidential election. Allegedly, Putin ordered a campaign aimed at influencing the election through methods such as releasing confident Democrat emails to WikiLeaks. Russia has denied any involvement in the scandal and the founder of WikiLeaks have said that Mosco was not the source of the Democrat emails.

Thanks for reading the first 5 Biggest Stories of the Week in 2017! Check back next week to be kept in the know.


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