5 Biggest Stories of the Week

This week, Jo Cox murderer sentenced, footballers come forward about abuse, GBK finally opens, and more!

1. Jo Cox murderer jailed for life

Thomas Mair, 53, shot and stabbed to death Jo Cox MP, whilst she was on her way to a constituency surgery. Mair shouted “Britain first” in the attack, and the police found Nazi-related material when searching his home. Mair has been found guilty of ‘terrorist’ murder, and has been sentenced to whole life in prison. Mr Justice Wilkie, who delivered Mair’s sentence, ruled that he can only be released by the secretary of state.

2. Footballers coming forward to tell of abuse

Four ex-footballers have come forward to talk about the sexual abuse they suffered as kids, when they were coached by Barry Bennell. Chris Unsworth, 44, said that he had not told anyone about the abuse until now. He explained that he had been “raped between 50 and 100 times”. Andy Woodward was the first player to go public about Bennell’s abuse and said that he was “totally overwhelmed” with the support from the public, as well as his former teammates.

3. Leader of Cuba’s revolution, Fidel Castro, dies aged 90

Castro was Cuba’s former president, and one of the world’s most iconic leaders. He introduced a Communist revolution in 1959, defied the US for decades and survived multiple assassination plots. Due to health issues, Fidel Castro handed over his rein to brother Raul in 2006. Castro was Cuban president for 49 years, the longest time for a non-royal leader.

4. US Green Party leader requests Wisconsin recount

Jill Stein has requested a full recount of the US presidential election in Wisconsin, saying that foreign hackers may have skewed the result. She alleges that they could have obtained the state’s voter database and filled out false absentee ballots. Stein launched her fundraising effort on Wednesday, exceeding her $2m goal very quickly. The money will be used to file recount requests, as well as for attorney’s fees.


5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen finally opens in Clarks Village

The upmarket burger restaurant has opened its doors next to Frankie & Benny’s. Strode Ledger were there for the launch. After a one-hour delay, due to a huge takeaway order, we were finally taken to our seats. Testing out the classic cheeseburger and sweet potato fries, we can say that the meal we had was excellent. The service is fast, the food is great and the portions are just about right. GBK also offer milkshakes, which are just £3 to takeaway.

Be sure to check back next week to keep up to date with the news that you need to know!

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