When is too early for Christmas?(another useless question)

On November 14th a fellow student came to class wearing his Christmas jumper. Surely this is too early said many in the room. ‘But the Christmas adverts have started on the telly’ he said. But not everyone agrees. The early appearance of Christmas decorations in shops (often as early as August) is a cause for complaint for many who see Christmas today as a crude consumerist festival. It’s hard to disagree with this view of Christmas when the shops are trying harder and harder to push Christmas earlier and earlier.

The day of Jesus’ birth was once an insignificant event,not only was his death a much bigger event, but even his baptism was bigger. The actual day which Jesus was born is unknown, and wasn’t celebrated till the 4th century.  When Christmas was first celebrated certain Christians refused it. Origin of Alexandria said it was only pharaohs and Herod who celebrated their birth in the Bible, meaning it was for pagans not Christians.Image result for nativityObviously, this didn’t stop people celebrating Christmas. Today Christmas is so big many non-Christians as well as Christians celebrate it, all over the world. Christmas is almost completely unrelated to Christ, take the Christmas traditions: the tree, the roast, St Nick , carol singing, advent calendars, stockings and the nativity. Only the nativity and carol singing can be linked directly to Jesus. Black Friday is seen by some as the start of the Christmas shopping season. the fact there is a Christmas shopping season really points out how Christmas is becoming a consumerist festival.

It is general opinion that Christmas comes too early. However, this probably comes from the idea of gift giving. Giving gifts itself is not a bad thing, but over time the presents have become bigger and more important. This pressure to deliver what someone wants ruins the experience of Christmas. If Christmas is the time to think of those less fortunate than yourself, then whilst doing this, you should help those who are struggling because of the festival.





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