5 Biggest Stories of the Week

This week, the American Election, more news on Brexit and the opening of GBK!

1. It’s American Election Week!

Hillary is still leading in the polls, after being cleared by the FBI of any criminal charges – for the second time. Voting commences on the 8th of November, with the polls starting to close at midnight (UK time). At 4am the following day, results may start to be predicted. Good luck to the candidates. We will report the winner next week – check back to find out who she is.

 2. Brexit must go to MP vote, High Court rules

The government cannot trigger Article 50 without taking it to a Parliament vote. Campaigners have said that not giving MPs a say would be unconstitutional. The referendum bill described the result as only being ‘advisory’. Still, the government is appealing the decision with a further hearing to be expected next month.

3. Michael Bublé’s three-year-old son diagnosed with cancer

The Canadian Christmas sensation announced the news on his Facebook page. Bublé said that himself and his wife will be giving up work commitments to focus on “helping Noah get well”. Michael Bublé has recently released his new album, and has been working hard on TV and radio appearances to promote it. On Facebook, he added, “at this difficult time, we ask only for your prayers and respect for our privacy”.

4. Andy Murray becomes world number one

Murray needed to reach the final of the Paris Masters to take the spot from Djokovic. Due to Milos Ranoic pulling out of the semi-final, this automatically happened. Andy Murray says he is “very proud” to become the first British singles player to take the position, since computerised rankings began in 1973. He added, “I never thought I’d be number one in the world”.

5. GBK opening date confirmed

Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Clarks Village have confirmed to Strode Ledger that the new burger restaurant will be opening on Monday 21st November 2016, in time for the festive season. Hinting at a grand opening, GBK explained, “There is always an opening event. And who are we to break with tradition, right?” The restaurant will take the spot of the former Burger King, on the Restaurant Terrace.

Make sure you check back next time to be kept up to date with what has happened in the world.


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