One World Week 2016

It’s that time of year again, time to raise awareness and understanding about the issues that affect us all, including development, the environment and equality.

One World Week is a registered educational charity that believes bringing people together to learn about injustice can inspire them to take the first step towards change. By understanding and learning about other perspectives, we can enrich our own lives.

One World Week is an annual opportunity that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to learn about global justice. It also gives them the chance spread the knowledge they’ve gained and to use it to take action for justice locally and globally. Some of the things One World Week teaches are caring for the earth and its resources; taking action for justice, equality and peace for everyone; building relationships of mutual respect that cross boundaries; and running local events that celebrate the diversity of cultures in our communities.

One World Week was founded by the World Development Movement (now Global Justice Now) in 1978. It was born from a desire that churches should draw attention in their communities to the fact that the world has one human race which shares this planet. The goal was to make people appreciate how we are all interdependent on each other.

Since then the initiative has grown to include people from all walks of life and on the 23rd of October One World Week 2016 will officially begin. Thousands of people will lend their support up and down the country. For a list of One World Week events that might interest you, click here.

All the events are run by volunteers and aim to bring attention to global issues that affect everyone and to let people know how they can bring about change. A local event is the One World Fair being held in Wells Town Hall on 20th of October. Over 30 charities and organisations will have stalls and information on how you can make a difference when it comes to issues including environmental protection and development.

As a part of One World Week there are a few events happening around college.

You may have noticed the special menu in the refectory this week with each new day bringing the flavours of a different country; From Middle Eastern on Monday to American on Friday the week promises to bring a wide variety of tastes.

On the 20th of October there will be a live music concert in Strode Theater at 12:15. Entry is free and the money raised will go towards Strode India Project.

To find out how to donate to One World Week, click here.


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