Fracking in the UK

Recently it’s been hard to turn without seeing someone protesting for or against fracking. But is it the solution to our country’s foreign oil dependence as the government claims? If fracking is the miracle we need to cope with rapidly increasing energy demands, why are so many environmental campaigners dead set against it?

To form an opinion of this controversial subject first off we need to answer the question, what is fracking? Here’s a helpful video to explain just how hydraulic fracking works.


So obviously there are a lot of issues associated with fracking,the biggest being we simply don’t know that much about it. That hasn’t stopped the government for giving the go-ahead for potential fracking sites across the country, despite heavy opposition.

The most recent to break ground is Cuadrilla Resources, who have opened a new well just north of Preston New Road in Lancashire, despite their less than stellar record in the area. In 2011, when Cuadrilla opened its first fracking site at Cleese Hall, Lancashire, local residents were subjected to earthquakes caused by the drilling as far as ten miles away. Since then the planning permission for two sites has been denied by local councils but permission has since been achieve through an Appeal.

For more information on fracking sites across the UK, click here.

Another potential hazard is the glaring loophole in the government definition of fracking, allowing companies to bypass essential safety laws. For more information, click here.

Some people claim that with falling oil and natural gas prices, fracking wells in the UK will be lucky to break even. For more details, click here.

For more information about how fracking could have a negative impact on the UK and a petition to stop fracking, click here.


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