5 Biggest Stories of the Week

This week: Street’s new geofilter, smaller fish and chip portions, Hurricane Matthew, and more!



1. Street is on the Snapchat map!

The town of Street now has its own geofilter on the social networking app, Snapchat. Strode Student, Max Doughty (yours truly 😉), created the geofilter using Photoshop and worked with Snapchat to get it available for all Snapchatters. To use it, simply open the app and take a picture anywhere in Street. As long as your location settings are on, and you have a WiFi or 3/4G connection, when you swipe across, you will see the Street geofilter. Try it now!

Image result for 401 marathons ben smith2. Man completes 401 marathons in 401 days

34-year-old runner from Portishead, Ben Smith, has finished his mammoth charity event of running 401 marathons in 401 days. Smith started his attempt on 1st September 2015 as a fundraiser for charities Kidscape and Stonewall, after being bullied when he was younger for being gay. Ben Smith has also been speaking in schools raising awareness of anti-bullying. At the end of his feat, Smith managed to raise a massive £250,000 for the two charities.

Image result for nigel farage3. Nigel Farage is UKIP’s leader for the third time

After resigning twice, Farage is back in power after Diane James unexpectedly quit. She was leader for just 18 days, before, as reports suggest, leaving the job due to a family illness and the “realisation” of what the job required. Nigel Farage is now interim leader of the party whilst they redo the electoral process to find a new permanent leader.

Image result for hurricane matthew4. Hurricane Matthew batters America

In Florida, Hurricane Matthew has left more than a million people without power, and taken the lives of four people. In Haiti, almost 900 people are currently known to have been killed by the natural disaster. Officials from aid organisations have said up to 90% of some areas have been destroyed. Aid has been deployed to Haiti and a state of emergency is in several states in the US.

Image result for large fish and chips5. Fish and Chip shops suggested to offer smaller portions

A wholesale supplier, that provides 1000 UK shops with their ingredients, says small portions should be cut by almost a third. In a bid to cut down on food waste and reduce the nation’s obesity problem, an industry survey on the British staple was conducted. It found that 45% of customers wanted smaller chip portions and 36% would choose a smaller portion, if there was the option.

Check back next Monday to be kept in the know!


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