Some Awesome Distractions… I mean Films

Only two weeks back and we can already feel the pressure of exams looming. With teachers reminding us at every turn and the homework piling up, sometimes you need a little something to take your mind off it. Here are five upcoming films guaranteed to take you to another world…

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


First up on the list is the much anticipated Harry Potter prequel (even though J.K. claims it isn’t). It will have you gripping the edge of your seat and wondering why you had to be a No-Maj. On the other hand, wizards like Newt have to deal with things like the Swooping Darkness. That’s one thing I’d prefer remains on the other side of the screen!

Release date: 18th November

2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Based on a bestselling book series by Ransom Riggs, this film will take you out of time and on the adventure of a lifetime. Join Jake to learn just why extraordinary is a synonym of peculiar and why sometimes it’s good to be different. After seeing this trailer, I want Emma’s powers… or maybe Claire’s? What about you?

Release date: 30th September



3. The Space Between Us


Ever wondered what will happen when man goes to Mars? What about woman? Been there, done that. This is what happens when someone gets sent back. This film’s something that will be a bit more appealing to you romantic types but still promises to be filled with action.

Release date: 16th December


4. Voyage of Time


This one’s a bit more serious but that’s pretty much to be expected in a nonfiction piece. Nevertheless it remains a beautiful, must-see documentary that will guide you through space and time and give you a peek into the mysterious workings of our universe. A fascinating watch for lovers of science and history.

Release date: 7th October


5. Doctor Strange


And finally the film Marvel fans everywhere have been waiting for (honestly, I’ve got friends who’d kill me if I didn’t put this in) but it’s completely justified for the out of this world theme. Just watch the trailer and you’ll see why.

Release date: 4th November


Now you have EVERYTHING you need to procrastinate this week to your heart’s content. Almost everything that is. This article, unfortunately, doesn’t come with free popcorn. Other than that, you’re welcome.



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