“Welcome to our lives! We are the SACCONEJOLYs Irish vloggers living in London, we upload videos of our life together everyday!”

Meet Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly, a married couple (Saccone-Joly) with two beautiful children – Emilia and Eduardo. Oh and their 6 Maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea, Nuvola.

They are an irish family who vlog pretty much everything about their lives, including the birth of their puppies and their children. Jonathan was born in Dublin, Ireland and Anna was born in Baltimore, United States. They married each other in 2011 and have since become a youtube phenomenon duo.

Anna wrote in her blog that the youtube channel is a “‘reality show’ type daily vlog where we basically record everyday of our lives.”

We watch their videos regularly, or as regularly as we can with the fact we have college work and their videos are each over 16 minutes long. A day where you can sit and watch multiple SacconeJoly videos in a row is ideal. Spending 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon, once you’ve finished work, sitting back and relentlessly watching what another family have done over the last week.

They started volgging in December 2009 and now upload a new vlog everyday. They let people into their lives so that viewers actually have a second family.

Their second most viewed video:

Joined Dec 29, 2009 – 1,323,432 subscribers • 358,975,611 views

SACCONEJOLYs Episode Guide:
Emilia’s birth:…
Eduardo’s birth:…
Maltese Puppies birth:…
SNAPCHAT: sacconejolys
Jonathan’s Channel:
Anna’s Channel:

Anna’s blog: 


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