Youtube + Musicians =WorldWide Domination

One of the most common uses of Youtube is by musicians and artists to release new music and videos for the whole world to see. Youtube is the first place fans go when an artist announces a new single or that their latest video is going to come out. From spoilers and countdowns to the debut of a new song, Youtube covers it all.

Lets take one of the most viewed songs on Youtube, Best Song Ever by One Direction. When the build up came for this song to be released, One Direction were not going to hold back in building up the hype for the song and the video. They created 6 teaser videos as well as releasing an audio video for the song before they video was debuted on 22nd July 2013.

This video is 6 minutes long and took 2 days to film. This was one of the most anticipated videos that year ever since the first rumours started on twitter. Each teaser video released was a 6 day countdown to the debut and featured a new character that each of the band portrayed within the video itself. The build up to this video was enormous with each video now having a view count of over 1 million with the actual video having a current view count of 407,640,457.

This is just one example of how Youtube has helped and aided musicians with their career. Other artists have achieved so much with Youtube as a boost to their achievements. Taylor Swift for example has over 1.4 billion views on just “Blank Space” and 1.2 billion views on “Shake it Off” making her the only artist to have more than video in the top 10 most viewed videos on Youtube.

With Youtube being so connected world wide many companies have bought into this idea of getting videos to go viral. A company called Vevo are dedicated to releasing and bringing to our attention the latest and greatest within the music industry. This company uploads official videos from the artists and is responsible for how musicians make money from their videos. They are also the creators and owners of the YouTube Vevo Record. This is an achievement given to musicians who have the most views on a video within the first 24 hours of its release. Currently Adele holds the record with “Hello” which reached 27.7 million views within it’s first 24 hour release period. This record has been given out 11 times currently since it’s first awarding in 2012.

Musicians and their videos are just one way that Youtube is used. There is many more. YouTube is an intricate world of virally shared videos and it is just waiting for the general public to just come along and post something that may change the world. One day it might be you, who knows?


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