Dear Carrie, Tom and Gi

With Tom Fletcher being the frontman of McFly and, his sister, Carrie starring in the Les Miserables 8 shows a week, there wasn’t ever really a lot of time for a Fletcher sibling catch up. So hence came the plan to send weekly videos to each other via YouTube, updating them on the past week.


This weekly updating lasted a few months, until suddenly they just got too busy to even film and edit a video. Tom was having a baby and Carrie was practically living at the theatre. There was no time to sit and film a video.

But then came Gi…

Wonderful Gi, Tom’s beautiful wife, who intervened and convinced Tom that these video’s needed to start again… Thank you Gi!

Now it’s back up and running smoothly again! We get a new video from Carrie every Wednesday (here’s her latest one)

Videos from Tom every Sunday…

And one from our beloved Gi every Friday…


Their idea in order to keep in touch has spurred others on to join and has also provided entertainment for so many people across the globe. Here is Mitch, he decided to take it upon himself to ‘Dear Tom, Gi and Carrie’ as well.


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