Welcome to Youtube’s official countdown to Christmas!! Every year, Youtubers from across the world ready their cameras and create one of the most unique but interesting and very useful way of counting down to one of the most exciting days of the year… CHRISTMAS!

We are more excited about Vlogmas than we are for Christmas!

Annually, YouTubers spend the month of December videoing their days and talking about their lives. This four year old tradition brings in thousands of views every year, giving advent a very 21st century feel.

So many video bloggers have taken part in this tradition since 2011 that it’s difficult to find who really started this all. There are some rumours that Californian vlogger Ingrid Nilsen aka. TheGridMonster started the phenomenon so here’s the potential first ever vlogmas…


Some take it further than others…

For instance, this year, Zoella has decided to not only post a vlog a day on her vlogging channel, but also, a video a day on her main channel. This means, throughout December we are fortunate enough to be given two videos a day from our wonderful Zoe.

Here’s day one from both Zoella channels to get you in the Christmas spirit…

Vlogmas on MoreZoella

24 Days of Zoella on Zoella

Hopefully, all of these videos will help you get into the Christmas spirit in the most modern way possible!


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