The ThatcherJoe Experience

Some people have taken advantage of the wonder of youtube, names you’ll probably know and might even love. Through awkward video making, to where they are now, most of these YouTubers have written books, but one in particular has made the fastest selling graphic novel ever…

We had to be early for obvious reasons, really it should be in the terms and conditions: “arrive an hour before the time on the ticket”. That way you are a part of the atmosphere. But traffic sucks. I don’t know about anyone else but traffic really gets on my nerves and I can’t handle it. The second we slow down from 60 to 40 mph I start to panic that we’re not going to make it on time, even though we will. We jumped out of the car (still half an hour early), crossed the road and oh look there’s the queue winding around the building… Queueing is something I enjoy though because I know I’m in the right place and they won’t start whilst people are still outside. I love the anticipation, the smiles on everyone’s faces or the blank expressions because no one can quite understand that they’re actually here… WHAT?! The waiting is almost as good as the actual event because seeing your friends excited to see someone you’ve only ever seen through a little screen in your bedroom is just completely wonderful.

At 3.30 we entered the building and finally got our hands on the fastest selling graphic novel of all time, the masterpiece that is Username: Evie. A novel about a girl who has lost her parents and seeks comfort in the online world her dad created for her.

After 4 long but exciting hours of queuing we could finally see the back of his head, we were in the same room as someone we never thought we would meet… Joe Sugg. He was as beautiful in real life but also much much smaller than I had imagined.

I stumbled into the arm of the most beautiful human being and gave him the most awkward hug that has ever graced the Earth. I had such high expectations, we’d make eye contact, we’d have a fabulous conversation and he would remember me for the rest of his life! Yeah, that didn’t happen. I asked him if he was “bored of smiling yet?” What? What was I thinking?

When I was there, in the arms of one of the most well known British youtubers everything flew from my mind, words no longer formed sentences in the head. His response, “I’m always smiling; I’ll be smiling on my way home”. Okay it wasn’t that bad, he made it seem like a genuine question and his reply made me feel slightly better about by awful but coherent sentence, but it could have gone better!

Then it was time for the question and answer session. Joe has done plenty of Q&A’s on youtube but in real life it is so different, it feels like you can really connect with him.

It’s always a worry, I think, when you see a celebrity that they’re going to be nothing like how you’ve imagined they would be. That they’ll be so full of themselves you’ll automatically stop liking them and forever wish that you never went to this thing so that you can still be unaware of the real them. This is something I always send to the back of my mind.

Joe was not exactly how I had imagined him.

In his videos he has this confident air about him, making you think standing in front of 1500 just wouldn’t faze him. As he walked onto the stage, camera in hand, you could tell how nervous he was. Probably, around his family and friends he’s the loudest, most confident person ever, but on that stage, it was probably quite overwhelming. Well, almost certainly overwhelming as he’s from Bath and not often do you come back to your home town to be met by a 1500 strong crowd. That’s quite weird. Despite being shy he sat on the stage, answering every question the host threw at him with complete honesty, and the biggest smile on his face! He was proud and we were proud!

Throughout the entire half an hour of chat with the host, I was listening intently, looking for potential questions to ask him later on. Obviously some were not listening at all and I’m pretty sure the question “How did you end up living with Caspar” (his housemate) was asked three times. Joe probably needed to be told this question three times though as he seemed stunningly deaf and needed all questions repeated to him. The crowd found this sudden deafness considerably hilarious when one person asked “what is your favourite childhood memory?” he replied with “my favourite YouTube memory?” and everyone yelled “CHILDHOOD”. Poor Joe looked slightly shocked, but amused. My personal favourite question asked by the crowd though was “would you ever date another YouTuber?”, sparking a long “oooooh” from the crowd and then beautifully musical laughter coming from Joe himself. His reply, Taylor Swift (not technically a youtuber but my idol nonethless)

Every question was answered perfectly and ‘way to go’ Joe because 1500 people is a lot of people to stand in front of for an entire hour, I send you a round of applause!

After this weekend I am certain that Joe is one of the most humble people I’ve ever had the pleasure to see from a balcony and ask questions to. He is definitely just a normal 24 year old, who just happens to have a very abnormal job after his thatching days.

To understand what this article is all about, subscribe to Joe’s channel:

To buy the world’s fastest selling graphic novel:

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