Girl Online: On Tour… On Tour


We piled into the van and headed to a secret location in Bristol to meet superstar fashion and beauty blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, and author, Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella. After we had arrived we checked for the tickets. “Where are the tickets?”… “On my printer, at home!!” Panic struck… “are we going to be allowed in?”

We got up the email and hurtled over to the security who let us in using the ticket confirmation.

The queue wasn’t long but only because we’d been dragged out of bed way too early for a Tuesday in half term. We went straight in, got our wristbands and copies of Girl Online: On Tour, ‘The sequel to the number-one bestseller Girl Online’. We spent the next hour cuddling random strangers as security continued to make us squash together to let more people in. Personal space was definitely invaded.

Next thing we knew was that Zoe had arrived. Screams erupted from all around, but all of us being shorter than the average human could not see the shenanigans going on.

Here is Zoe’s account of the day and other meet and greets. If you look closely (not that you know what we look like) you can spot our little excited faces as we waited to meet Zoella. Fast forward an hour and we were at the front of the queue  with Zozeebo in our sights. Struggling to comprehend what was happening, we all turned to each other in shock “she is so tiny”!!! We knew she was small but not that small. We felt like if we hugged her we might just break her.

Then came the argument of who goes first, we were all desperate to meet her but it is so nerve racking being the first to go. In the end the order was decided for us, we were are rushed forward and spent about 5 seconds in the company of Zoe Sugg. Each one of us had a ultimately too short conversation with Zoe, awkward exchanges and nerves flying everywhere. Do we hug her? Do we leave straight away? What else should I say to her?

Obviously we all have so much we want to tell her, we spend every evening and many hours of a weekend watching her share her life with us and we wanted to share back, or at least tell her how much she means to us and how much she has helped us. Our exams for example, GCSE were hard for us at the time but this was around the time we all stated to discover the wondrous world of youtube. We told her how she helped us all pass our GCSE and she was so thankful. We mean it Zoe, you have no idea how much of a safe haven your videos are.

We took turns to chat to her and have our books signed and then we left. That was it, waiting for hours in a queue, months of preparation, panicked ticket buying and a nervous trip to Bath was all over in the blink of an eye. But oh how it was worth it. We met Zoe Sugg, when will that ever sink in?

Meeting Zoella!!! (very focused photo)

And that was it… another youtube filled day was over.



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