An introduction to us…


Used by the world for everything from education and the news to music and travel. Momentous and trivial occasions are documented forever, for the whole world to watch and enjoy. It allows the worlds 7 billion population to stay connected and inspire each other.

There is always something on YouTube on the topic you need. The content includes TV clips, music videos and video blogging (vlogging), film trailers and informative videos (that you obviously use all the time for your homework in your free periods). Individuals or big media corporations such as CBS, BBC and Vevo upload the content.

We are 3 ordinary people who, like the rest of world, watch YouTube videos when we have nothing better to do and whenever we are meant to be doing something else, like our really important homework! The main videos we spend our lives wasting time watching are those who have taken for grantscreen-shot-2015-01-05-at-5-57-51-pmed the sensation that is YouTube. They’re better known as vloggers, people who have found a topic that people want to hear about more and made a career out of that. These are names you have most likely heard of and names you maybe even love such as Zoella, PointlessBlog, ThatcherJoe, Caspar, Dan and Phil and so many others.

So enjoy while we talk about these YouTubers and their lives as well as the wonder known as YouTube…

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