The Humble Beginnings

YouTube is now world famous, used by nearly everyone, almost everywhere and has billions of visitors and views each day but how did this all begin?

On the 14th of February 2005 Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim all sat down with a cup of tea and decided to start the phenomenon that is YouTube! Or so it seems, although they probably didn’t just think it up in one meeting but we will never know the detail of the conversation. We do know that these three gents worked for PayPal and then in February they decided to register the idea and by December it was launched to the public. In October the multinational technology company that we know as Google brought YouTube for $1.6 billion. YouTube is now one of the largest search engines, second only to its big boss, Google.

The first ever YouTube video is titled “Me at the zoo” and it was uploaded on the 23rd of April 2005 by YouTube’s cofounder Jawed Karim, with the username “jawed”. The video shows 19 seconds of Jawed in San Diego Zoo with an elephant, talking about their “really, really, really long trunks”.

The success continues.. 

YouTube was one of the fastest growing sites in 2006 with more than 65,000 new videos and 100 million new views each day. In 2010 they began free streaming and then in 2012 for the first time ever, YouTube live-streamed the US presidential debate. This year YouTube also announced that around 60 hours of new YouTube videos were being uploaded to the site every single minute. That is crazy if you really sit and think about it!

When Psy came out with the incredible song that is Gangnam style with the wonderfully choreographed music video, I’m sure he didn’t anticipate the success. The video went viral and as everyone settled down at the computer to watch the masterpiece, on December 21st 2012 it became the first ever video to surpass one billions views. One billion people spent 5 whole minutes watching the record breaking video. Now, 10 videos have over one billion views and these videos come from the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Meghan Trainor











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