Not just 90s kids will remember.

For a lot of us, the whole “Only 90s kids will remember” trend that clogs up our newsfeeds doesn’t really apply,unless it’s like: “Woah dude, remember when we were all still in nappies and we would cry and scream all through the night? Man those were the days!” but that is highly unlikely to happen…


So now I’m jumping on the band wagon, so prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime that will last longer than all our Tamagotchi lives put together… Granted that’s not an overly long time, but you get the point.

Now, when I was a little sprogling, being able to use a little touch screen computer like the one I’m using now to write this article would have blown my tiny mind, but this was purely because in my house, we had one of those huge computers that are probably  bigger than my future, and it ran with dial-up, so a lot of mine and my sister’s computer time was abruptly cut short by some relative wanting to ring for a chat about everything and nothing whilst we sat there, staring at our mum to speed it up. But we’d then have our precious internet back… when the page would finally load… Eventually, and we’d be like:


The most soul crushing part of our existence was when we’d try to go onto the Tracy Beaker game on CBBC’s website and the computer would freeze and crash because we didn’t move quick enough to stop the flash screen. That was usually accompanied by agonised cries and having to turn the computer off and back on again in a truly British way. And then, being the impatient children we still are (Well, a bit taller) we’d go straight back to the same website and start the cycle of pain over and over again until another relative would ring and we’d have to *shudder* go outside.

But that computer, no matter what people say, will never compare with today’s kids with their iPads because there was an extreme amount of wonderment and amazement about how this magical box worked because we’d NEVER seen anything like it, until *Drumroll and dramatic lighting*

image1 (1)

The Gameboy… Which I will discuss next time!

Until then, stay nice and nostalgic.


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