Strode Students Rock for Red Nose Day

10614112_809625575768800_3500561807142528950_nComic Relief 2015 raised over £78 million – its highest ever total for Red Nose Day – and Strode College students were doing their bit through selling red noses, cake and biscuit decorating and fancy dress.

The college was also represented at local event ‘Rock for Red Nose Day’ which not only featured local bands such as Mr Keep Calm and the Cancelled Cheques, but also bands formed at Strode such as Missart and Karma Llama.

Guitarist and saxophonist James Coleman was one of the college’s music students performing at the gig at Glastonbury Red Brick House, as a member of Karma Llama. But who exactly are they?

“We are a reggae-rock-soul-funk-style band,” he explained. “We do a whole range of styles to cover multiple audiences.”

And it’s just as well they keep that audience happy, as he tells me that’s one of the most important things during a gig.

“We want a vibrant, encouraging response from the audience that reflects the spirit of the band. We don’t want them to be boring.” he said.

So what other benefits are there to gigging?

“Free beer.” James says, without a second of hesitation. It’s clear to see he’s already living a rock and roll lifestyle, or maybe that should be a “reggae-rock-soul-funk” lifestyle.

BTEC Music Student James Coleman
BTEC Music Student James Coleman

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