The Best Town That A Strode College Student Lives In

What’s the best town that a Strode College student lives in? Strode may be Street’s only college, but most of it’s students don’t actually live in the village. Instead, people get buses and lifts in from all four corners of Somerset, so I’ve decided to compare all of the different towns and villages that people come from.

In the least competitive way possible – despite there being local pride at stake – I’ve devised five categories and asked five different students (including myself) to try and find out what each place is like. Those categories are: how long it takes to get from their hometown to Strode, the best thing about their hometown, the worst thing about their hometown, what their hometown is famous for and what there is to do in their hometown if you had three hours to kill and no money.

I’ll start with myself; I am from sunny Yeovil, a town which has a reputation as a breeding ground for chavs. That’s probably why I don’t have a problem with the 1 hour bus journey that takes me away from Yeovil and into Street every weekday. The best thing about Yeovil is probably the fact that it’s the biggest town in South Somerset, and with that comes a decent town centre with lots of shops and food places. The worst thing would be that the aforementioned town centre is normally filled with the aforementioned chavs. Yeovil’s probably most famous either for it’s football team (up the Glovers!) or the helicopter company Augusta Westland, which built Spitfires during World War 2. Spending three hours in Yeovil with no money is difficult as the best things to do like going to the cinema, bowling, swimming or going out for a drink all cost money, although if you were really desperate you could go for a walk through Ninesprings, Yeovil’s Country Park.


Travel time: 1 hour

Best: Town centre (good amount of shops/food places)

Worst: Chavs

Famous for?: Yeovil Town/Westlands

Three hours with no money: Ninesprings

Yeovil various 006

Next up, it’s Cressie who lives in Shepton Mallet, which is 30-45 minutes away from Strode if you take the bus. She says the best thing about Shepton is the graveyard. Which sounds fun… The worst thing according to Cressie is the fact that there’s not much to do. Shepton is apparently famous for the “sheep roundabout” and for having the movie ‘The Zombie King’ filmed there. I’m not one to argue, but I’ve personally never heard of ‘The Zombie King’, and the sheep roundabout sounds intriguing but unfamiliar. When asked what she would do if she had three hours to kill and no money she said she would hang out in the graveyard. Way to sell it, Cressie!


Travel time: 30-45 minutes

Best: The graveyard

Worst: Not much to do

Famous for?: Sheep roundabout/Zombie movie

Three hours with no money: The graveyard


Our next town is Tintinhull, represented by Jennie. Jennie spends 45 minutes on the bus every weekday getting to Strode, but apart from the distance we have a serious contender for ‘Best Town That A Strode College Student Lives In’. She says the best thing is the National Trust house that sells cake, the outdoor swimming pool, the park and the fact that the people are “awesome” and form a great community. However, she says the worst thing is the chavs that live on the other side of the road. Preaching to the choir there, Jennie! Tintinhull is most famous for the National Trust gardens and in her moneyless three hours, Jennie would go to the park or play tennis.

Travel time: 45 minutes

Best: The community

Worst: Chavs

Famous for?: National Trust gardens

Three hours with no money: Play tennis

House and Eagle Court at Tintinhull Garden, Somerset.

Tyler comes from Glastonbury, which is the shortest distance away from Street apart from Street itself; only 10 minutes on the bus. He says the best thing about Glastonbury is the nice scenery, although the worst thing is the fact that it doesn’t have a cinema. Isn’t the nice scenery enough entertainment for you, Tyler? According to Tyler, Glastonbury is most famous for the Tor, although I would suggest that he has overlooked a small music festival that happens there every year. Faced with three hours to kill and no money, Tyler says he would simply go home.

Travel time: 10 minutes

Best: Nice scenery

Worst: No cinema

Famous for?: Tor

Three hours with no money: Go home


Finally, we have Amber who hails from Ilchester, 45 minutes away on the bus. The best thing about Ilchester is the fact that Amber knows everyone, which is nice for her I suppose but not really for anybody else. She can’t think of a worst thing about Ilchester, however she does admit that there’s nothing famous about the village… except maybe cheese. Like Tyler, if she had three hours to spare and no dosh, she says she would just go home.

Travel time: 45 minutes

Best: Knowing everyone

Worst: Nothing

Famous for?: Cheese

Three hours with no money: Go home

Gateway stone - July 2009

So there we have it, five Strodians with very different places they call home. Which was best? I’ll leave you to decide that for yourself. Now, I’m off to the Shepton graveyard to check out what all the fuss is about!

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