Social Media: Defining Our Generation

In the last decade technology has exploded, bringing with it the increased use of social media. Since the late 2000’s, social media has expanded year on year, to the point where nearly one in four people worldwide access a social network. And why wouldn’t they? Social media has allowed for a level of communication never before seen, with people being able to chat to another person on the other side of the globe with the click of a button!

I myself often use social media sites on a regular basis, always checking my notifications, updating my dashboard and uploading my current status/ creating a new blog post. These sites include, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other sites, all which allow me to keep in touch with friends irl (in real life) and friends online. They are great outlets for me to rant and talk about my thoughts and feelings, talking about the latest great TV show or what mood I may be in on that day.

It is however, very self centred of us as a species, looking for approval of our life and for some having their whole life revolving around their online presence, always looking to see how many likes has their photo got or how many followers are interested in their life.It’s all for attention. Just look at any average 16 year old and you’ll see their life unfolding over Twitter in less than 140 characters, and over on Facebook people post up photos of a day out with friends or family, bragging about how great life is. Everyone talks about their parents ‘taking over’ Facebook now, but the truth is that there are still 1,310,000,000 active users on the site with numbers increasing almost 20% every year.This shows that social media is so well spread that almost everyone will be using the services in a few years time, either by pressure from friends, curiosity or wanting to get connected.

The current generation has grown up with social media growing in popularity from the start of 2005 when sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube were increasing in popularity, and from that moment on-wards social media has consumed that internet, with many sites advocating that you ‘share’ the sites link, your profile. It has become so inter-linked in society now, it’s almost scary thinking about how much of your life is available to digest on the internet!

People don’t know how much further social media will evolve, but I think give it a few more years and unless you don’t use the internet it will be impossible for someone to not have a social media profile, broadcasting their life to to wider public. Whatever happens in the future, Facebook, Twitter and all the other major sites, will become a large part of our lives, even if we don’t realise it yet.


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