Ranting About: Mobile Phone Contracts and GiffGaff

Mobile phone contracts. I’ve never had one, but they sound like a load of rubbish, tying you down to a phone company and forcing extortionate costs on your calls, texts and internet access. With every text taking 10p off your total credit and calls another 20p or more, many feel like this is the only option with taking a contract with the big four network providers. Vodafone, EE, O2 and T-Mobile. But there are alternatives. One such provider is called GiffGaff, a cheaper and more flexible network, perfect for young adults! I’ve been with them for a few years now and they’re just great. Cheap prices mean your credit doesn’t get go down a week after you topped it up and your account is easily accessible from their website.

GiffGaff is only a few years old, but it’s got it right, where other well established companies just haven’t. They have an online community where members can gain advice from other users and the GIffGaff team can answer any queries quickly and hassle free. An added bonus for helping out the community is that members can get ‘kudos’ if their answer is good, which goes towards extra credit or donate to charity. Personally I’m not active, but it’s a great feature for someone to use and keep active in a community for easy rewards.

They do have contracts, but they’re pay-as-you-go, they call them goodybags. It gives you the ability to have all the perks of a contract, but you’re not tied down, no need to sign up for 24 month contracts that go on and on and on… The prices range from £5 a month to £18 a month allowing for all different types of consumers, giving a flexibility, as you can easily change the goodybag you’re on depending on your usage. All this is so easy to access on their website too, meaning you can log on anywhere to change your plan.

I’ve saved the best till last though. as if you weren’t already won over by GiffGaff you haven’t seen anything yet. As an incentive for getting your friends on GiffGaff they are allowing free, that’s right, free GiffGaff to GiffGaff call and texts. So the more friends you have on the network the more money you save and the better payback you get. For example, every new member you help make happen, you recieve £5 in credit! It’s a no brainer really. So do away with lengthy contracts, and all of those fiddly fine details and join the mobile network revolution today!

Get a free giffgaff Sim


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