The Scottish Referendum: How it affects us

Recently, there’s been one news story that’s been dominating the news: the Scottish Referendum 2014, and the nation has already been divided into those who say “Yes” and those who say “No”. I admit I didn’t really understand how, as a teenager living in England, the decision would really affect me. However, there are lots of factors that makes the vote just as crucial to me as it is to the “Yes” and “No” protestors and politicians.

Saltire and union flag



Scotland makes up 8% of Britain’s GDP, and although that may not have immediate effects, voting yes would almost certainly lower the economy of our country, and cause more recession. (Recessions are bad)

Oil and Whisky

The price of oil and whisky would rise significantly, so bad news if you drive a car that uses petrol, or you’re an alcoholic.

UK will be disassociated from the Scottish identity

We’ll lose Scottish traditions and culture; and what a tragedy it would be if we were no longer joined to a country that cites deep-fried Mars bars and bagpipes as part of its identity.

The UK will lose 32% of its land

That’s a lot of land. Imagine what you could do with that land. You could plant trees on it. That would be a lot of trees.

Ok, maybe this guide hasn’t exactly been serious. However, the Scottish referendum is still a huge story at the moment and its result could change the future of the UK. With the current polls being incredibly tight, I’m certainly incredibly interested to see what the final result will be on Thursday.


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