Books and their disappointing film adaptations.

Would you read the book after you’ve watched the film? Would you watch the film after you’ve read the book? Some people would and some people wouldn’t. But the big question is which is better, the book or the film?

Personally I think the books are better than their film adaptations. With books you can imagine what the characters look like, you can travel through the book with them and you can really become part of their world. It’s so easy to get lost between the pages of a book, to forget the time and your surroundings and be transported into another dimension.

I guess films can have similar effects but it’s not the same. The actors already have their own faces so it would be impractical to imagine them a different one. Everything is already laid out for you, your imagination isn’t necessary at all and isn’t that just boring?

I believe one of the worst things you could do after you’ve read an amazing book is to go and watch the film version. If you’re lucky enough to have never done this then I’ll walk you through what happens. Firstly you finish reading the book, you’re so disappointed that it’s finished, you can’t believe the characters that gripped you’re heart and wouldn’t let you put down their book will never enter your life again. Then you find out there’s a film version! Yes! You can’t believe your luck! You get to relive the magic all over again! You’ll go to amazon or wherever to locate this film, you feel as if you would travel to the ends of the earth just to get it. Finally you find it, buy it and sit down to watch it. You can hardly wait. 98 horrible minutes later you want to cry. Your much loved characters were replaced with mediocre actors, bad graphics and disappointment. You feel as if you should apologise to the book because it was made into such an awful film! People who didn’t read the book before won’t understand the torment. They’ll think it was an okay film, some might even say it was great, but you know the truth…

However reading the book after watching the film can swing either way… good or bad. If you’re lucky nine times out of ten the book is better than the film so your imagination takes over. You forget all about the poor directing and bad graphics of the film. Your nightmares are over and you’ve found the silver lining attached to the cloud. But and this is a big but, if it goes the other way it can go terribly wrong. Sometimes you just can’t get the film out of your head when reading the book. You might not know it but it’s at the back of your imagination, every time you try to give the characters a new face or the scenery a bit of colour the film will step in and remind you of its rules and boundaries.

I might be being a bit unfair… there are some amazing films out there that have equally amazing books, such as… ummm… okay maybe not but people definitely have different opinions. I probably read too much and people who don’t read at all will wonder what I’m babbling on about. If that’s the case and you don’t read then read. It really is amazing, you might think it’s boring but then I’m afraid you have a very limited imagination.


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