Rocksmith-Is It any good?


I will start this article by stating that I have only just started playing and that these are my impressions after only 8 days, I am undertaking the 60 day challenge where I shall play guitar for an hour a day for 60 days in an effort to not suck at playing guitar so much.

It is about now that I should probably say what Rocksmith is. For those who do not know, It is a guitar hero style game where you play in time to the music, the difference is that instead of a plastic guitar shaped controller and simplistic and easy to master mechanics, you plug your own guitar into your console or pc and not only can you learn to play songs, but it teaches you the basics and then the advanced stages of how to play. I have put around 200 hours of my life into Guitar Hero and Rockband, and all I learnt was how to play these games. With RocksmithI hope to be able to put these skills to use.

So far- I have put in about 8 hours so far (a week), but have noticed some things you will want to know about:

  • At first it may not register your guitar, this is simply because I had the volume turned down and didn’t think to turn it up, this is more of a user error and I am only saying this as I know many people with less common sense than I
  • It may not register the right note you are playing, this may be because you are pressing too hard on the string and have changed the pitch too much, or because your intonation is out, you will want to fix this either by looking on the web, or getting someone who does know(a guitar shop)
  • It will start out quite hard, but the more you play, the better you will get. At first I didn’t even know how to hold the pick or strum properly, but I can now play most of Use somebody by the Kings of leon, Song 2 by Blur and a fair amount of Where is my mind by The Pixies
  • It is better if you enjoy it. On Day 5 I was quite tired and although I played my hour I didn’t enjoy it that much, it was more of a chore and I got frustrated when I got things wrong. The next day I went into it with energy and enthusiasm and learnt far more, when I got things wrong I just lowered the difficulty until I got it right every time and then raised it again.
  • Remember that it is a learning tool more than it is a game. If you pick this up and treat it the same as guitar hero, you will be disappointed. But if you think of it as self-improvement, and then later as a game, you will have far more fun in the long run.

So only 8 hours in do I suggest you get it?

It depends who you are? If you are serious about learning or playing guitar and don’t mind being patient, then this is for you. 5 star thumbs up.

If you are impatient and treat it as a game then I recommend you learn conventionally.

I will do an update article in at the end of the 60 days to tell you whether it worked or not. And I might even link a video!


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