International Street Fashion Pt. 2

Finally I’m writing the second installment of the two part post, the first of which can be found here. Previously, I featured fashion from the continents Europe, Asia and North America so today I will include the other three. Of course there are seven continents, but Antarctica doesn’t have a particularly diverse fashion scene! Like before, I’m only talking about street fashion. The clothes or brands themselves are not always specific to a region, but the styles are.


First up is Africa, and I’m sure the image demonstrates my point well enough – but Africans love colour in their outfits. The brighter the better in most cases, and they certainly aren’t afraid to match and clash bold pieces. The fashion in Africa is always fun, and very striking. Silks or silk imitations seem to be the fabric of choice here, another reason why these kind of statement clothes are very difficult to find in the UK. This is most likely because it’s comfortable in the hot climate. For this reason materials like leather are almost never worn.


Australian fashion is fairly similar to that in North America. I would say that it’s more relaxed than in Europe, but slightly more edgy than America. The Australians are often associated with ‘beachy’ looks, but you won’t always find surfboards and swimwear in the middle of cities. One thing I noticed when browsing through these outfits, was that a lot of girls seem to wear chunky heels and keep a moderately neutral colour palette. This results in the continent as a whole always looking sophisticated and relaxed.


The last continent left to address is South America. Surprisingly the fashion here could not be more different from their Northern neighbours. It’s quite apparent from my research that one of the most popular trends here is pattern, it’s everywhere. From bright tribal inspired dresses to subtle paisley print trousers, most of the outfits I found incorporated patterns. Even though you could find similar styles all over the world, I think that the fashionable women of South America are the most faithful to their patterned attire.

I think it’s incredibly interesting to pick apart and attempt to define fashion around the world. During the process I’ve rekindled my appreciation for the diversity that can be witnessed on an everyday basis. Of course, fashion is constantly changing, so my knowledge will most likely be completely out of date in five years time. But following that change is the fun of being a fashion enthusiast!

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