International Street Fashion Pt. 1

Welcome to the first of a two-part post featuring lots and lots of fashion from all around the world. I’m not talking about designer fashion that you might find in a glossy magazine, but instead those outfits you see on the streets. Real people wearing real outfits that they put together themselves. I grouped the pictures together by continent, otherwise this post could literally go on for days. Of course one outfit isn’t really a great representation of an entire city, but I tried to pick ones that I think best exhibit some of the current popular styles.

Street Fashion Europe

Starting with Europe, many people argue that some of the ‘best’ fashion can be found here. Cities like London, Milan and Paris are often referred to as the fashion capitals of the world, though there are definitely differences. Parisian style is chic and minimalist whereas Londoners are known for being quite edgy and unique. While European fashion varies a lot, they all tend to follow the same trends set by designers such as Chanel or Celine. Also, since the climate varies a lot throughout Europe, the trends have to be interpreted in ways that will suit either warm or cold weather.

Street Fashion Asia









The next continent in the list is Asia which, if you include all the countries, is incredibly diverse in terms of fashion. Japan in particular is associated with weird and excessive clothing, but other countries in Asia could not be more different. South Korean women are renowned in Asia for having a chic but cute style. The brands and influence from Korean cities like Seoul have gradually spread all across Asia and can even be found in parts of Western Culture. While Japanese fashion may be specific to cities like Tokyo, styles in other countries are not as bizarre, contrary to what many people seem to think.

Street Fashion North America









The last continent we will be visiting in this post is North America. They are known worldwide for always showing a laid back, casual style. Surprisingly the American fashion is quite different from that in Europe. This could also be due to a warmer climate, since us Brits can’t always afford to show a lot of skin. Of course in Canada this is a different story, but even in the cold, their clothes are fairly casual. Considering a lot of the shops and brands in America can also be found on the British high street, it’s interesting to see how the areas as a whole choose to style the same pieces differently.


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