50 Word Film Reviews

Ok so there have been a lot of big films released recently; too many to review individually even. That’s why I’ve decided to try and give you an accurate review of each one in, wait for it, exactly 50 words. It’s gonna be a challenge, and I may have some controversial opinions but here we go…

I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum; the only specific scenes I describe are the ones you see in the trailer for the film.

four movies

Prisoners – starring Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal, directed by Dennis Villeneuve

Three hours long and compelling from start to finish; empathy grows for the initially undeveloped characters as the film goes on, and the performance of Jackman as the dad is one of the main reasons this film is so effective. Twist and turns aplenty, this film is a powerful adventure.

Best quote: “Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” – Keller Dover

* * * *

Captain Phillips – starring Tom Hanks & Barkhad Abdi, directed by Paul Greengrass

Quite simply film of the year, Tom Hanks shows off his superb acting ability in a film with an outstanding script, faultless cinematography, flawless direction and excellent production values.  Some critics claim it doesn’t tell the true story, but who cares when the “fake” story is as absorbing as this?

Best quote: “I’m skinny, but I’m not a coward.” – Muse (the pirate leader, not the band!)

* * * * *

Gravity – starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, directed by Alfonso Cuaron

A great performance by Sandra Bullock and finally a movie that isn’t ruined by George Clooney’s smugness! The graphics and special effects mean it is visually outstanding – especially in 3D – as well as masterfully directed. This film is one of the most tense and eerie sci-fi thrillers since Apollo 13.

Best quote: “It’s not rocket science!” Matt Kowalski

* * * *

Bad Grandpa – starring Johnny Knoxville and one of those kids where nobody would judge you if you punched them in the face, directed by Jeff Tremaine

Exactly what you’d expect from a production company called “Dickhouse Productions”; rude, outrageous but unashamedly funny, it’s not a comic masterpiece – no film featuring a stripper dance from a 10 year old would be – but kudos to Knoxville for finally trying to stop milking the now tiresome Jackass series.

Best quote: “You’re gonna fix that penguin, bro!” – some random guy who had just had his giant penguin broken by the Grandpa… you’d have to watch the film for that to be explained

* * *


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