Julian Fellowes causes audience split with shocking storyline in Downton Abbey

Last weeks episode (series 4, episode 3) of the hit ITV show Downton Abbey has caused it’s loyal fans to split. What will the rest of the series see? And will this show lose it’s high ratings?

This controversial episode saw one of the most loved characters Anna Bates, the lady’s maid in a shocking rape scene. Fans of the show have taken to different social media websites such as twitter and tumblr to express their anger and upset, varying from long rants on tumblr to short, direct one liners on twitter.

Being a fan of the show, I took it upon myself to do research into what the viewers felt about the situation. Whilst scrolling through tumblr I found that a number of the fans were both upset and angry, stating things such as ‘Why Fellowes? Why?’, following on from this post another handful of users were blaming Fellowes for including this horrific scene.

Although I did come across some users who said that it was upsetting for them to watch, but it will provide for a good storyline on the show; which is exactly what Fellowes commented on when asked about ‘the scene’.
“We are interested in exploring the resultant emotions and the effect these things have on people.” Fellowes commented and then went on to apologize to the audience saying he was sorry if  the fans felt the show couldn’t “go there”.

On the other hand actress Joanne Froggatt who plays Anna was defending Fellowes’ ‘bold’ decision. Saying that it was ‘brave’ for a show like Downton to take on such a subject like this.

The overall reaction was mixed causing a brief divide between the fans but I hope all will be resolved over the coming weeks as the storyline unfolds; hopefully leaving us with a drama filled, feature length Christmas episode.

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