The College Newspaper, Why ?

NewspaperWhy? It is a good question. Why would I write things on the internet for people to criticise and scrutinise? I am not the best at writing and my grammar is often lacking, my documenting skills are likened to that of a dead sheep who was never very good at documenting in the first place. My humour can be very dry, hard to get and often revolves around bad puns that have little relevance to the story and are purely for my enjoyment. I often drift off on a pointless tangent for no reason as I get easily distracted.

So why would I do the newspaper if all of the aforementioned were true? I can hear you say “That seems a bit silly, He won’t get far with that!” and you might be true, but I can only try and see if I can improve. I may not be the best writer, nor the funniest or even the best documenter. But I feel that my idiosyncrasies will prevail and hopefully the more I write the better I will get. I enjoy sports and have several hobbies so I have a good place to start writing about, after that I will just post interesting stuff about life (or what I deem to be interesting) or things on my mind. Hopefully after a few posts I will improve.

I can now consider my first (of many) posts done.


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