Diana (2013) Film Review

Film Review: Diana (2013)
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
I recently went to see the Oliver Hirschbiegel directed Princess Diana biopic and I can safely say that I was not disappointed despite the slating from some other professional reviewers. Of course like any other movie it had its blah moments but on the whole it was a very good movie. The story tells the period of her life after her split with Prince Charles, and in which she starts a relationship with a British heart surgeon.

Naomi Watts’ portrayal of the wonderful Princess Diana was absolutely brilliant. Her performance wanted to make you laugh, cry (a lot) and question her character, there is one particular scene in which she has an argument with the surgeon in Hyde Park which really grabbed my attention and showcased her amazing acting skills and what she could do as an actress. I really do hope that Watts gets at least a nomination for the 2014 Academy Awards, because her portrayal was faultless in my opinion.

The directing in this movie was also very well done, I really do hope that Hirschbiegel gets the recognition he deserves.
Overall I would give this movie 4/5 stars as it was very well made, it was fairly accurate and the performance from Naomi Watts was very good.

You can check out the trailer down below.


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