New Term, New Students: A short interview with a new student at Strode College

The start of the new term, means new students. We had an assignment to interview some new students, so I took the time to ask one of my good friends to answer some questions about his first weeks at college.

Name: Josh Webber
Previous School: Stanchester Academy
Q: Did you enjoy your previous school?
A: Yes I did, the teachers were nice and I found it was a nice place to be, however it was a bit ‘run down’ and I made many friends.

Q: How have you been settling in at Strode?
A: Really well, the staff has been great at getting me sorted when I wanted to change courses and the teachers are making everything easy to understand. I’m meeting new people and I’m really enjoying it the freedom.

Q: Thoughts on Strode so far?

A: It’s really well equipped and is a really nice place to learn, all the facilities are great and the teachers are amazing.

Q: What courses did you take and why?
A: I want to be a vet so I took biology and chemistry also I really enjoy sciences because they’re really interesting and I find it interesting knowing how things work and why etc. also I’ve taken geography because I love it and again it’s great knowing about what goes on around you and why it does, I did take maths but hated it and I’m bad at it so I took environmental studies because it interests me.

Q: What do you wish to achieve at Strode?
A: I want to get A’s and meet new people and have a good time and be happy with what I’ve done and learn lots of new things .

Q:What has surprised you the most about college life?
A: Really long days, lots of work but it’s been nice and how friendly everyone has been.

Q: Any Interesting hobbies or interests?
A: I can cook really well.


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