Bon Appetit

I had a dream

Of keeping my heart free,

But I can’t do that now

You see?


Your food has got me

Right to the bone,

Your pork,

Your beef,

Your hot minestrone.


But what can I do?

It’s more than just greed,

You hostage the bread and the cheese

That I need


The Apples of my eye

Tease me each daily



And my charming Pink Lady


Why keep us apart?

You know it’s just cruel!

Changing your offers

While I sit here and drool


Ah, I’ve got you pegged,

You’re all about profit,




Direct debit,


‘Your locale is dead,

So stock out in bulk’,

For we all must obey

The incredible hulk


Supermarkets rule,

So we stomach their law




And more


All I want is food,

Wholesome and true,

Aiding the many,

Not just the few


So batter the hatches,

Lock all the doors,

For this time tomorrow

There’s demotion in store!


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