Silent Night? Think again.


I can’t deny, I am a self-confessed Christmas fanatic. Secretly, early Christmas ads in August make me excited, I love the insane, hyper-active sugar rush you get from too much chocolate and most importantly, the decorations bring me straight back to childhood and make me feel warm and nostalgic.

However, there are some people who take the phrase “Christmas decorations” to a whole new level. For them, this time of year is less to do with company, food and giving presents, but more a competition as to who can adorn their home in the most fairy lights.

Every year you’re bound to pass a house with a full blown nativity scene on the front lawn or a light up sleigh leaping over a roof. Often, I can’t help but feel for the neighbours. But it gets worse- a huge trend spreading world-wide are outdoor Christmas lights synced to music. These holiday lights display with channels from computerized light controllers. An MP3 player inside the controller plays the music and controls the lights according to your programmed orchestration which can then be transmitted to people’s cars radio via low power transmitters. Each one takes months to construct, are bizarre, ambitious, OTT and extreme which always begs the question; “Why?” Nonetheless, enjoy my top 10 Christmas Light Displays:

Meridian, Idaho. Set up by a 16 year old and his dad – giving Dubstep a festive element.

Possibly the most popular song used for these light shows: Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Unfortunately it’s the type of song that has the ability to really get on your nerves within the first 30 seconds. Still a good watch though!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this genuinely terrifying. I’m sure LMFAO would be proud.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without those Coca-Cola adverts…

Okay, so it’s not exactly synced to music, but you’ve got to admire the sheer creativity of this one.

Pirates? And Christmas? How bizArrrr! No? Okay…

There had to be at least one family willing to make this song 99% more irritating. Enjoy!

Looks like even Christmas lights like to move it, move it.

Demonstrating that everyone like a good, festive head-bang.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet HomeAlabama creates a light/song combination that I think strangely works.

So this year, if your neighbors overdo it a little with the blow-up Santa’s and luminous reindeers, count yourself lucky that your not opposite one of these eye-popping displays.

Merry (nearly) Christmas folks!

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